zondag 20 januari 2013

Marcahuasi Project

Ever wanted to learn more about our history when it comes to archaeology, megalithic monuments or cultures? Look no further! Check it out; www.archeomaps.nl 

Each marker on the map represents a different historical location.
What is the Marcahuasi Project?
It's a crowd-sourced collection of markers on Google Maps, representing archaeological, historical and religious sites throughout time aswell as geoglyphs, mysterious, and natural places of interest. There's literally hundreds of these locations out there to be discovered!

What do the markers represent?
There are 7 different colored markers, each one representing a different type of site.

Why did you make this?I wanted to learn more about our history, yet couldn't find anything that made it easy to browse through historic sites and other information. So after watching multiple documentaries and reading dozens of articles I realized that I could be keeping track of the sites I already read up on by marking them on a Google Maps project, allowing me to slowly but surely gain a global overview.

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